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Anything you need, we can supply


In our many years of service, we have lived to one maxim; We will never say no!

This has lead Langs as a company in strange and wonderful directions. Purchasing and supplying; Powertools, engineerng equipment, cars, vans, washing machines, cleaning services and even web design!

We can supply anything from spares for your powertools to a box of 1" ring nails. From 1 1/2" square drive heavy duty air tools to web design and IT services. We have supplied industry computers, washing machines, vans, hammers. You name it Langs have sourced the equipment or services required and provided our customers with whatever they need.

This ability to adapt and provide has seen us through good and bad times alike. We always get back to our customers and keep them informed regarding their orders.

Experience and expertise.


Over the years, Langs has become synominous with experience and expertise. Simply put, our customers know they will get what they need to do the job; the services they require, the goods and experience of our sales teams either on the telephone, at the counter or in person.

Our telephone sales staff are extremely experienced, with many years in the industry. Collating orders, checking stock, ordering if necessary and getting back to you with an estimated delivery time. Keeping your company on schedule. Our counter sales staff are even more experienced and extremly helpful and friendly. Always willing to help a customer in trouble with their years of expertise.

Dedicated to success


Langs is truly dedicated to the success of your company. We believe whole-heartedly, that your company's success and performance is reflected from our own. Therefore we provide the highest calibre and most professional goods and services possible to you and your company. Helping you get your goods on time, checking the quality and assessing the products for your company needs.

Quality assured


With our strigent quality control processes, we ensure all the goods sent to you are in good and usable condition. All goods and services are regulated and maintained at the entry level, therefore you and your company can have peace of mind that you will receive a high quality product. In fact your goods get checked three times before they get into your hands; Once on receipt of the goods from our supplier, then a second time when the goods are picked for you by our sales or supply team and then for a final time by our delivery team. So mistakes rarely happen.